What Joe Rogan And His Porsche GT3 RS Get Right About Sports Cars

Joe Rogan doesn't just own a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, he owns a Sharkwerks tuned GT3 RS, and there's one detail about it that gets sports cars so very right.

It's this line from the comedian that hits a truth about these kinds of cars. He's talking about how the new GT3 is automatic-only, while he keeps his cars manual.

Everyone's missing the point; it's shaving off tenths of a second, but losing a piece of your soul.


You can sell a sports car on performance. That's how it is today, and that's how it's always been. Speed is a marketing tool.

But it's not the point of a sports car. They are meant for you to enjoy driving, not just to go fast. Speed is supposed to play into that equation, not dominate it.

I figured that a guy who stuck a supercharger on an NSX and felt that a regular GT3 RS wasn't fast enough wouldn't have understood that. I guess I was wrong.

Now, if you're wondering why you didn't hear that quote in the top video, is because it's from this much longer comparison review. It's Rogan's 911 against another Sharkwerks GT3 RS right here on Drive+.

I would say that you'll have to pay to watch it, but you should have already paid for Drive+ by now.

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