Locking wheel nuts could help prevent theft of your precious rims and tires, but they're not ideal, and in certain situations, can be easily defeated with just a few tools. But if this new electronic wheel locking system actually works, it might take away your wheel-theft worries for good.


The only reason I say "if it works," is because the Combo Wheels system hasn't been tested extensively yet, and, as Houston's KHOU points out, the electronic system hasn't yet been proven to work against weather or flooding. So there's that.

But the idea comes off as pretty sound. It's basically an electronic, battery-powered lock, which looks to be pretty inaccessible from the outside and without intentional user control. If you need to take your wheels off your car, all you need is to hit a few buttons on your phone.


Inventor William Thomas told KHOU that the battery inside only last about three months, but it can be re-charged with a backup cable plugged into the cigarette lighter. Although that sounds a bit weird, as most people don't change their wheels and tires every three months, so you'll basically be plugging your wheels into your cigarette lighter anytime you need new treads.

But hey, maybe that's worth it to some people. I've seen cars shoved up onto bricks even in good neighborhoods, so this guy might be sitting on a cash cow.


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