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Remember that little announcement where we said you'd have to do is have an idea and then someone would help you make a short car film to be screened at the Jalopnik Film Festival? That someone is no less than Douglas Sonders. The deadline is 11:59 PM August 25th!


If you always thought you could be a filmmaker or if you ever had an idea about car culture you wanted to share with the world now is your chance. Hell, if you just wanted a trip to the Jalopnik Film Festival with VIP treatment for you and a friend you should at least try an enter. This competition isn't about rewarding someone with the most impressive resume but encouraging someone with the most exciting idea.


What You Get

If your idea is picked you’ll get:

  • Douglas Sonders and Nicholas Cambata and their 8112 studios team will help you bring your idea to life
  • Volvo provides everything needed to produce the film
  • Travel/accommodations for the production of the short film
  • Travel/accommodations for you and your guest at the Jalopnik Film Festival
  • Your film will be screened at the JFF and you'll be credited on the film

How To Do It

As always, Gawker's contest rules apply as well as the additional rules and conditions outlined right here, which is where you'll also submit your ideas. Once again: SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS HERE.

(If you have trouble with the online form here is a PDF with all the information).

Did I Mention You’ll Get To Work With Doug Sonders!

And to sweeten the pot a little, Doug Sonders and Nicholas Cambata of 8112 Studios will be the "mentors" that will help guide you through the process. Anyone who has read this site knows the great automotive work Sonders and his team does and so it was an obvious perfect fit.


I'm also excited to announce that, in addition to Cambata and Sonders, judges for these short films will include: Mike Spinelli, founder of this fine website, and Bodil Eriksson, the Executive Vice President of Product, Brand, and Communications for Volvo Cars — the premiere sponsor of the event.

Seriously, Do It!

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