Saab's New Owner NEVS Faces Bankruptcy Demand

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If one were to make a list of automakers that simply can't catch a break, I think Saab would be at the top of that list. Now the Swedish car company — or at least, what's left of it — is about to be dealt another huge blow as its new owner faces possible bankruptcy.

The AP reports that a supplier company has petitioned a court to declare Saab's owner, National Electric Vehicle of Sweden, bankrupt. The company says the Hong Kong-owned NEVS has failed to pay bills of $22,000 since February. (Yes, $22,000.)

Here's the backstory, in case you've been asleep the last few years: Saab was sold by General Motors, amid their own bankruptcy in 2010, to Spyker. Then Saab filed for bankruptcy again there in 2011.


In 2012 NEVS bought Saab with the goal of building electric cars, but they had to build and sell gas-powered cars like the resurrected 9-3 to do it. Earlier this year they had to halt production amid financial problems, however.


Clearly, it seems things haven't gotten any better for NEVS since then, and once again the future of Saab seems to be extremely in doubt. Then again, it always seemed that way under NEVS ownership as well, so this outcome isn't surprising.

Will Saab ever make it back into the light? I hope so, but I'm not optimistic.