Saab Back From Dead, Starts Building Electric 9-3s

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Remember that time Saab died? Sorry, remember all those times that Saab died? Well, they're alive once again. And the beginnings of the 9-3 EV program are a go. The problem is they can't go very far. (Update: Apparently they can, it's confusing)

CUrrent Saab owners NEVS (National Electric Vehicles Sweden) have started production of the electric 9-3, just as they originally promised. The first 200 will be heading to China for testing.

Oh, and the first electric Saabs have a 20 mile range, which basically means they have no range.


Hopefully NEVS will get some better battery tech under its belt that it can use to build cars that can actually get you somewhere... and back. For now, a 20 mile range means the 9-3 is nothing more than a less useful Swedish golf cart.

UPDATE: As some keen commenters point out, the range is actually 20 SCANDINAVIAN miles, not regular miles. That equates to 200 kilometers. Not too bad at all. You keep on being you, NEVS.