Singer's latest contribution to the advancement of the human race is its first 4.0-liter flat-six, a 390 horsepower screamer based on the company's thoroughly reworked 3.6. And it was the only thing that could pull me away from the F40 on the other side of the Quail lawn.

Singer keeps upping the ante in the world of air-cooled sixes. It started with the Porsche 964-based 3.6-liter, which eventually evolved into its Cosworth-developed 3.8. But for its latest build, Singer tapped Ed Pink Racing in North Hollywood to blow it out to an even 4 liters, with peak power delivered at 7,200 rpm and 315 lb-ft of twist at 6,000 revs. The pistons are custom Mahle bits, the crankshaft is from Pankl, with Carillo rods, reworked cylinder heads and a modified GT3 intake plenum by Jenvey.

Singer says the car is more of a grand tourer than its normal racy road cars, but as always, it's the details the bowl me over.

Yes, that's brown stitched leather in the engine bay.

I found my new office chair.

Oh, and here's Pulitzer Prize™-winning automotive journalist Dan Neil's ass checking out the Ed Pink's handywork.

Now, go back up to the top photo. See the headlamp surrounds? The mirrors? The thin moldings around the turn signals? Those are all composite bits that have been nickel-plated. Yeah, details...