Mercedes To Change Confusing SUV Names To Be More Confusing

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A new tradition among German automakers is changing names from long established and recognized norms to new names that they think make more sense but actually confuse long time customers. Mercedes had avoided it for a while, but it seems they may soon succumb. Bye bye ML.

In order to have continuity in their SUV names, Car And Driver is reporting that the mid-cycle refresh of the ML-Class will feature a name change to the GLE, which is meant to evoke the E-Class. Midsize sedan, midsize SUV. It does make some sense. I guess.


The X6-esque SUV coupe version of the ML will end up being called the GLE Coupe. The GLK's name will change to GLC, and if there's a coupe version (like an X4), it'll be a GLC Coupe. But not a Mazda GLC Coupe, it'll be a Mercedes GLC Coupe.

But this naming scheme does range a couple of questions: Will the big GL just be a GL or will it become a GLS? Will the Gelandewagen just be a G? Or will be it be a GLG?


Gah I've gone crosseyed.

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