The McLaren P1 GTR Is A 986 Horsepower Lesson In Insanity

The McLaren P1 has to be one of the most radical and extreme supercars ever made. But this, the McLaren P1 GTR is said to be "optimized to offer more extreme performance." This is a P1 on meth, heroin, with a dash of ketamine.


In order to appeal to P1 buyers with a death wish, McLaren has upped the power from the simply paltry 903 of the standard car to 986 in race form. It also has all sorts of aerodynamic enhancements, slick tires, fixed height suspension, wider track, and the ability to usher you in to another dimension of time and space.


The idea is to make the ultimate track car, and with that comes an intensive driver training and development program. People who spend their millions of dollars to drive a P1 GTR will have access to driver training, something called "human performance," and access to McLaren's racing simulator. The goal is to make the most exclusive driver club in the world.


That won't be hard to accomplish.

As of right now, this is just a "design concept," but McLaren is working on finalizing development and making the GTR into a real thing. A real thing that people can own and use. Just not people like us, since we're poor.

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