James May's Cars Of The People, Episode 2, Video Open Thread

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You may be wondering why we waited a whole day for the video open thread on the second episode of James May's Cars of the People. Well, it's mostly because I am a Very Busy Man, with Many Important Things to do. Also, because I forgot. But it's here now! So get watching.


In this episode:

- James May attempts an American accent, poorly

- Some lovely young ladies wear dishware as hats

- Apparently 14-year olds in France could drive small blocks of cheese around, who knew


Top Gear will return eventually, at some point, maybe, so this is the best you're going to get for now. Live in the UK, which is clearly the only place you could have watched it today, of course? Or do you have a fanciful machine that lets you it acquire it through other means? Let us know what you think of all this not-really-Top Gear so far in the comments below.

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Shane Elliott