This Is What A Celebrity Face-Morphing Site Does To Cars

You know those stupid sites that claim to let you see what your love-child with Miley Cyrus or Tyne Daly or Merlin Olsen would look like? Or visualize the offspring of Beyonce and Chris Elliott? Of course you don't; they're stupid. Still, I got the equally stupid idea to see what these face-morphing sites would do with cars.

I picked one of the sites at random, and uploaded a pair of car-faces I thought would be good. I picked two of the most divergent faces I could: an Austin-Healey Bugeye Sprite and a recent BMW 5 Series. Then I set the control points, and let the little math robots that live in the internet have at it.


The results kind of, well, suck. You can see the result up top there. I decided I'd try to go easier on the system, and picked two cars that were a little closer looking. I chose a pair of grille-less rear-engined cars, a Renault Dauphine and a Fiat 600. The result was even worse:

Hm. I know these weren't made for non-human faces, but still.

I think better results can be had, so let's open this up to everyone. Using only these sorts of cheesy see-your-baby or celebrity face-morphing sites, let's see what sorts of results we can get.


Who's with me? Stick your triumphs or abominations there in the comments so we can all evaluate them. For science, why not?

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