Dude Passes Out On A Chinese Subway, Mass Hysteria Ensues

A guy fainted while on the subway in Shanghai, and normally that's not really news. People pass out on public transportation all the time. But the ensuing monumental panic from everyone around him like he's got Ebola is hilarious, and also a bit frightening.

I mean, he starts to keel over, and everyone just runs. Like they might catch the Faint, too, if they get a little bit close. On the other hand, if I was riding the subway and saw everyone else running away from some ominous, unseen terror, I might run the other way, as well. So maybe only the first few people are horrible here?


Either way, maybe this is better than the current "sick passenger" system that the New York City subway system uses. That just seems to shut every single line, everywhere, for all of eternity. No matter what.

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