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Maniacs At Sturgis Prove You Can Do Stunts On A Harley-Davidson

If I had to ride around the inside of a giant bowl like lettuce in a salad-spinner, a Harley-Davidson is probably the last bike I'd want to ride... But apparently it is possible. These boys might have balls as heavy as their bikes.

Be warned; there's no actual nudity in here, but the first minute is basically gratuitous boob-bouncing and there's a segment about a guy who air-brushes women's breasts around five minutes in... which is probably NSFW.

You can skip that and stick to motorcycle action if you start at 01:10 and watch to 04:30. The trucks come on around 06:30 and get replaced by another underdressed woman at around 8:15. Watching Rhett Rotten blast around that bowl at 02:19 is totally worth the scrolling effort.

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