There's currently a bit of controversy over the Nissan-Panoz DeltaWing design, but if you ask me, the best thing for all lovers of triangular-shaped cars to do is let the big boys fight it out while the rest of us enjoy this incredible Corvair trike.


I already love Corvairs, and there's something about the crisp lines of the car that makes even this strangely mutated-looking beast feel handsome and balanced. From the front, the familiar Corvair lighting element and details trick your brain into seeing it as a sort of cyclopian freak, but the overall form of the car works surprisingly well.


It was built to a really high standard of quality by the folks over at Tinelement, and even manages to incorporate the original instrument cluster. I wonder if they have two indicator bulbs at the side of that single amber lens out front? That'd be pretty slick.


It's not the only Corvair trike out there, but I feel pretty safe in saying it's probably the best. Though, if anyone's seen any to challenge it, please, stick 'em in the comments!

(Thanks, Coachbuilding & Concepts FB group!)

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