Yes, That's The Batmobile Being Pulled Over

Well, it's the Canadian Batmobile being pulled over, at least. This was shot on Saturday, in Woodbridge, Ontario, and it looks like it's the 1989 movie Batmobile, a fine choice for city driving. But why was the World's Greatest Detective pulled over?


Speeding, sure, that's a safe guess. The thing does have a massive jet engine in it. Though that could also suggest some sort of noise ordinace violation, too. I actually think that Batmobile has functioning taillights and indicators, so it's probably not a failure to signal or anything like that. Hm.

I got it — tags. I bet it was for non-display of a license plate. I don't think there was any place to mount one, at least not without it getting melted by the jet exhaust. The Batmobile is a lot like a Pagani Huarya that way.

UPDATE: It seems this Batman is very likely Brampton, Ontario's own Brampton Batman, who seems to be actually in the superheroing business! Maybe he was being stopped to exchange some sort of hot tips about the Joker's Canadian cousin in Moosejaw.


(Good eye, Glen!)

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