Missile Blows Up Road In Unbelievable Ukrainian Dash Cam Video

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If you're wondering how the shitstorm in Ukraine is affecting the everyday person, just watch this video of a guy driving down the road in his Lada when a missile explodes directly in front of him.

CarScoops reports that the driver made it out ok, and that no one else was harmed. Meanwhile, RIA Novosti reports that the driver was knocked unconscious for some time, and that he thanked his Lada's reinforced frame for his life.

The driver told a TV news station, "I was driving when I heard a blast, the ground rose up and I fell into the crater and got covered with concrete. I stayed unconscious for some time."

The missile reportedly came from fighting around a stronghold in Donetsk, yesterday.

As we've always said, if it happens in the post-Soviet East, it's being recorded on somebody's dashcam.