Watch Dirt Bikers Go Nuts On The World's Only Floating Motocross Track

Last month, Red Bull inaugurated a new motocross course at Munich's Olympic Park. It features a superkicker, two quarterpipes, four regular ramps, and two gap jumps... all perched on top of a lake.

Red Bull says the whole structure weights "as much 12 Boeing 747s" which equates to something like 5 million pounds, assuming they weighed those planes empty.


Here's a highlight reel:

This course was used as a stop on Red Bull's "X-Fighters World Tour" motocross competition series. Australia's Josh Sheehan won the event, but New Zealand's Levi Sherwood still leads the series with "265 points to Sheehan's 260 points."

That makes it either man's title at the series finale in Pretoria, South Africa on August 23.


As a side note, I see Red Bull went with some retro Bavarian maiden attire instead of boob-squeezing lycra suits for their champagne-trophy-dispensing staff. I like it.

Here's the entire Munich event, for your Friday afternoon entertainment:

The event will also be on TV (have you got one of those?) as a "full-length special" on FOX Sports 1, Monday, Sept. 8 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT.


Images: Red Bull

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