Hennessey Will Sell At Least 30 290 MPH Venom F5s For $1.3+ Million Each

Hennessey has sold 16 Venom GTs so far with production ending at 29 units. Those cost $1.2 plus taxes. The Venom F5 will be even more expensive, but honestly, what did you expect for 290+ mph?

We have a few more details from John Hennessey about his latest and greatest, the Venom F5, and the figures are truly bonkers, promising an unmatched power-to-weight ratio with deliveries starting in late 2016.


Here are the details straight from the man himself:

I wanted to think of a simple derivative of the Venom brand that defines absolute power and speed. The fastest (and most powerful) wind speeds on earth are those from the most destructive tornados. The Fujita scale rates tornado wind speeds from 1 to 5 (the fastest). An F5 tornado has wind speeds of over 261 mph up to 318 mph. Our current Venom GT has run 270 mph while still accelerating (I think its capable of 275-280 mph on a longer road). The F5 will be faster than the GT. Probably not 318 mph and probably less than 300 mph. But I think that something in the 290+ mph range will be possible with our new car.

F5 will have more power via larger turbos, increased intercooler size and upgraded fuel system. I am not ready to release power numbers yet. But we have already begun testing the powertrain and power could exceed 1400 hp.

If you think all this is just too much, have no fear. The "standard" Venom GT will continue to be offered, with 13 left until production ends. As far as the F5 goes, it really looks like we have the Hellcat of Lotuses that will eat Veyrons for brunch.

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