These Truckers Have No Sympathy For Car Crashing After Cutting Them Off

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Somebody overzealously merged onto a highway in Australia, causing their car to spin out and into solid barrier while cutting off a semi-truck. The crash looks pretty gnarly, but the blokes in the big rigs seem to figure he got what he deserved.

We hear from the truck filming:

"He was being a dickhead, though he was being cool."

Not an incorrect assessment from the looks of it, but while we all love a little instant karma (as the Germans say; "schadenfreude") I sincerely hope the next thing out of this truck driver's mouth was a call to emergency medical services to report the wreck.


Personally, I do think the trucker should have pulled his rig over and tried to render assistance. Even though that little red "race car" (Holden Commodore?) was definitely being driven a bit dickishly.

The sedan came off the wall pretty fast, and even if you reckon the driver "got what they deserved" who knows who else was in the car... and their lives could be hanging on how quickly they get treatment.

On a lighter note, isn't Australian CB chatter fun to listen to?

Hat tip to Network A!

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