The Saleen FourSixteen is faster and louder than any Tesla Model S you've seen before. Smoking BMWs is only the beginning, Steve Saleen also added cup holders and a price tag starting at $152,000 (minus rebates).

Saleen believes the Model S is as much of a game changer as the Ford Mustang was back in 1964. We also know it's capable of out-dragging a BMW M5 to 100mph. Yet 416 horsepower can do a lot more if you massage it a bit.


The FourSixteen uses much more aero than the standard car. It creates less drag and more downforce thanks to the new facia, optimized underbody, carbon fiber rear diffuser and the decklid mounted spoiler. Numerous vents and the V-shaped hood design also direct hot air away from the cooling system while improving downforce. It also got a bigger radiator, more powerful fans and a high-flow water pump.

To make it faster, Saleen changed the final gear ratio to 11:39:1 for better acceleration (and more whining noise). They also equipped the car with a locking differential for more grip and traction out of the corners at full throttle.

The traction control and ABS settings are changed to deal with all that while the suspension got upgraded with new bushings, monotube coilovers with a new sway bar setup and (optional) adjustable shocks. The Saleen also comes with much lighter forged wheels which can hide carbon ceramic brakes too. The standard brake package includes 14" 2-piece aluminum hat vented rotors and multi-piston front calipers with performance brake pads.

Inside, the seats got added bolstering to hug you better in the fast corners, and a combination of Alcantara and leather covers everything to remind you that this is the fastest green luxury sedan on the planet.


Steve Saleen also added some cup holders, so success in America is pretty much guaranteed.

The Saleen FourSixteen starts at $152,000 for the complete vehicle, which includes the base P85Model S sedan. This is priced before existing state and federal EV incentives which can range from $7,500 to $15,000 depending on the buyers state (i.e. A California resident would pay $142,000.00).

Warranties are also included on all new Saleen vehicles, components, and labor. Each newly purchased Saleen FourSixteen will include a 4-year / 50,000 mile warranty to match the manufacturer backed limited warranty.

As a bonus, here's Steve Saleen talking about his latest pride at Pebble Beach: