This Is The Best Movie Chase Scene You've Never Seen

This clip arrives courtesy of Justregisteralready who remembers the B-film "Short Time," a 1990 Dabney Coleman comedy vehicle. In a world, where 75 percent of cars are made by the Chrysler Corporation, one cop defies the odds to bring down two hoods in a Pontiac.

"Short Time" you say? Yes. In the early 1990s, Hollywood had Dabney Coleman fever. And rightfully so. Coleman made like 4000 movies from 1980 to 1990. But unless you're a die hard Coleman freak, you probably didn't see this one.

Basically, it's an old plot device: mild-mannered guy who thinks he's got two weeks to live starts doing crazy stuff he'd never have done otherwise. One of those is to take down two armed robbers in an over-the-top car chase that begins with what is, perhaps, the best kick-off line in movie history:

"Burt! Your yogurt!"

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Surprisingly realistic! Dodge Coronets could not be easily killed, as two friends of mine who had them in high school demonstrated.