Top Gear's James May's Cars Of The People Video Open Thread

Top Gear's not back! Top Gear's not back! That's right, your beloved Top Gear is definitely not back. But in the meantime, TG host James May is presenting a show all about people's cars. And it is befittingly titled James May's Cars of the People. So get watching.

Oh, you don't know how to watch? Well, I'm sure there are ways around that, and you're smart, so good luck.


Still not enticed? Here's a preview:

The series will run in three parts. In this episode:

- James May sings a song

- James May rides a bicycle

- James May rants about yogurt

Top Gear will return eventually, at some point, maybe, so this is the best you're going to get for now. Live in the UK, which is clearly the only place you could have watched it today, of course? Or do you have a fanciful machine that lets you it acquire it through other means? Let us know what you think of all this new not-really-Top Gear so far in the comments below.

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