What Is This Mysterious BMW 2-Series Prototype Doing In Washington D.C.?

Remember that heavily camouflaged BMW 2-Series we saw bombing around New Jersey a couple weeks back? The one that may have been an M2? Apparently it's on vacation in Washington D.C., dragging its screaming children around to see the museums and monuments.


Jalopnik reader Daniel snagged these photos from his office on 5th Street NW, not that far from the National Mall. I went over shortly after to try and track it down myself, but alas, it was gone when I arrived.

If anyone has more pics of this car in D.C., feel free to post them in the comments. More than anything, I just want to know what the hell it is. Ace spy photographer Brian Williams told us he didn't think it was an M2. Then again, what else could it be to merit so much camo? All theories are welcome.

Update: More pics below.


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