You Need To See The Cars At This American Rally In The Year 2000

Fourteen years ago, what kinds of cars would you expect to see at an American rally? Maybe some old Civics and a few Subarus? Prepare to have your mind blown.


I'm talking Escort Cosworths, five-cylinder Audis and more Evos and DSMs than you can count.

This was at the Maine Forest Rally (now New England Forest Rally) in the year 2000. I was at this year's rally, and pretty much everyone there was either driving a Fiesta or a Subaru. They're great cars, and it makes sense to have the same car as the guy next to you (who can help you fix your car/lend you spares), but there's something to be said for wowing the crowd with something different.


Where are all these cars now?

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Thud Slamrod

What happened to all of these cars?

The grey market evos went deep underground, the DSMs and Audis went all DSM and Audi and fell apart. New rollcage regulations put some out to pasture, and some got mothballed in the wake of the dot com bubble, post 9/11, and 2008 economic malaises. And alot of them cars just weren't any good compared to a WRX with bolt on parts.

The early 2000s was the golden age of American rally. All of the Group A homologation specials pumped out of Japan in the go-go 90's were cheap to find and easy to maintain. Factory support in the WRC and Group N trickled down to the masses, and for a brief time we had the fastest rally cars in the world.

But lawsuits and intake restrictors came. Parts supplies dwindled, and the call to fall in line under the wing of FIA regulations became too strong for the weird to survive.