I-66 In Virginia Is Becoming A Dali-esque Masterpiece

If you're a fan of the Salvador Dali 'melting stuff' artistic conceit, I suggest taking a drive to Centreville, VA and checking out the rapidly melting highway markings. From above, they sort of look like long strings of ribbon or something. They're pretty festive. And potentially dangerous, I suppose.

At this point, it's not clear why the lane stripes are separating from the highway surface, but a contractor will be sent to investigate and repair soon. The area was the site of some weekend highway work, and currently the best guess from the crack Jalopnik Surface Adhesion Task Force is that some worker disturbed the body of a dead shaman buried under the road, who charmed the surface of the street to repel any attempts at striping.


Traffic is pretty slow in that area, so, if you're there, you'll have plenty of time to really enjoy the phenomenon.

(Pics from WUSA-9)

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