Jaguar's Special Vehicle Operations division will build the six Lightweight E-Types the company forgot to finish in the 1960s, and the prototype car was just completed for its Pebble Beach premiere. Get ready for an unfathomable level of sexiness inside.

Finished by Jaguar Heritage at their new facility at Browns Lane, the 'new' Lightweight E-type's aluminum body saves some 250lb compared to the standard car even with a built-in roll cage.


It's powered by a 3,868cc straight-six with a big valve 'wide angle' cylinder head and pressed-in steel liners, dry-sump lubrication, three 45DCO3 Weber carburetors and an aluminum block instead of the original car's cast iron from the D-type.

The Webers were homologated by Jaguar back in the day, but Lucas mechanical fuel injection remains on the option's list for those looking for a challenge. Either way, the Lightweight will have more than 300 horsepower and 280lb ft at 4,500 rpm.

What you see here is Car Zero, the engineering prototype with the Lucas injection that's headed to Pebble Beach but won't carry one of the six Lightweight chassis numbers.

It doesn't need a number to be impressive though...

New pants, I know...