Dodge Takes A Dig At Volkswagen With 'Just Kidding' Commercial

Whenever I see one of these Dodge commercials I want to go to my local dealer, lay my money down on a Hemi V8, and burn rubber all the way home. Whoever makes these ads knows how to appeal to the tire-smoking, music-blasting, 19 year-old in all of us.

While I have an appreciation for autos from all parts of the world, I definitely have a preference for European hardware. Which is why I really got a kick out of this newest ad for the Charger. Why does it mention the Passat? I can't imagine anyone really cross-shopping the two vehicles. However, both are mid-to-large size sedans and can be had very well equipped for about $35,000.


Dodge takes a great jab at VW as the implied message here is, "Those stuffy Germans would never put a 470hp V8 into a Passat." The Passat is fine car, but it is a "sensible" choice for comfort and hypermiling. There is nothing sensible about 470 horsepower, and a 707 horsepower family sedan is downright madness.

Unlike VW who is struggling with their brand identity in the US, Dodge knows exactly who they are. I'm convinced that Dodge's unofficial slogan is, "We make fast cars that make a lot of noise...'Murica. Fuck Yeah!" And it is working, as Dodge sells a shit-load of Chargers. Perhaps that is why the Dart doesn't sell well. It's not that fast and it's not that loud. Hopefully that will change with the Dart SRT, or whatever they'll call it.

All I know is despite my leanings towards German cars, there will always be a place in my heart for American muscle and if Dodge gave me the option of a 3-pedal, V8 Charger...I might just have to buy one.

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8 cylinder, AWD, manual, wagon...your move Dodge