Can A Crossover Out Drag A BMW M3?

Well, not just any crossover but the 400 horsepower Porsche Macan Turbo, one which is faster than any crossover has a right to be. The good people over at EVO took a Macan Turbo and an M3 to create a highly useful piece of consumer advice.

You're probably thinking by this point "highly useful consumer advice? Is this guy crazy? What's the point of drag racing a crossover and a sports sedan?" Well, it is kind of useful because they're both great options if you want a practical, fast family hauler that costs around $75,000 or so.


So which is quicker? The lighter, more powerful M3, or the Macan with its AWD and PDK. I won't tell you what actually wins, but what I will say is that both are absurdly quick for the type of vehicle they are. We can all be happy we live in a world where everyday cars can put down performance figures that are shockingly close to purpose built sports cars.

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Trigger warning: This video features detailed imagery of moccasins worn without socks.