How They Build The Incredible Trucks Of Desert Racing

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

Here's a look at one of the top shops building Baja 1000-grade trophy trucks, capable of flying through four-foot whoops at a hundred and thirty.

It's the complex of Menzies Motorsports in Las Vegas, building dirt circuit as well as desert racing trucks.

Chris Forsberg is the host, the 2009 Formula Drift champion, and one of the most organized, professional people in FD. Watch his jaw drop as Bryce Menzies (remember this?) goes over how many trucks he brings to his races, how many spares he has, how many people he has building these tube frame trucks from the ground up.


Desert racing: it's not cheap, but it's pretty amazing.

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I'm surprised the chassises aren't powder coated or painted, given the pretty corrosive environments they run in. Originally I thought it could be a weight penalty but then Bryce said they weigh 7000 lbs so surely that can't be it. Is the size of the chassis too much of a hassle or does the lifespan of it mean it's not worth the extra work?