Ten Video Game Vehicles That Should Be Real

Everyone who has played Gran Turismo, Halo or Grand Theft Auto has thought "wouldn't this be amazing in real life" about some of the cool vehicles in those games. These are ten that need to exist.

10.) Asurada GSX


This car comes from a video game inspired by the anime series Future GPX Cyber Formula. I'll let reader RazorGP run down the specs for you.

"Car has a hybrid drive system with a turbine and electric, turbo boosters that pop out when wanted, you want fancy driver aids? How about an operational AI that acts as driver aids and can self drive if needed. Downforce? Well these things can drive on the ceiling. They are bullet proof (as seen in the show) and have the same capabilities off-road as on-road. The car can vary its boosters to act as brakes to emergency stop, have wiglets pop out to have it jump gaps if needed, or sideways to avoid obstacles or aid in traction around a corner."

Suggested By: RazorGP, Photo Credit: G-Root

9.) Spy Hunter Interceptor


So this car kind of exists in the real world in the form of the Isdera Imperator concept car but the real life version doesn't have machine guns, smoke screens and oil slicks. Probably.

Suggested By: My X-Type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

8.) El Niño


In Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit this thing was faster than the absurdly fast Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR. Just watch out for the police version if you're on the run.

Suggested By: Shane Elliott, Photo Credit: Need For Speed

7.) Mercedes-Benz Vision Gran Turismo


This concept car from Mercedes looks fast standing still. Too bad it only exists in Gran Turismo but at least we can hope the upcoming AMG-GT has some of its curb appeal.

Suggested By: KEMO, Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

6.) The Car From Roadblasters


Let Steve Kuhn tell you why you want this.

"Because who wouldn't want a heavily-armed 200-mph mashup of every late 70's sports car for their daily commute through traffic?

Is it a Porsche? Is it a Z-car? Yes!"

Suggested By: , Photo Credit: Atari via Games You Loved

5.) Coquette


This one from Grand Theft Auto is a C7 Corvette Stingray with some bits of F-Type thrown in for good measure. What's not to like?

Suggested By: Viperfan1, Photo Credit: Rockstar Games via gta wiki

4.) Blue Racer


Jalopnik head-honcho Matt Hardigree can tell you why the Blue Racer from F-Zero is cool and thus, why it should be real.

"The Blue Racer from F-Zero stands out on this list, and not just because it is the only car here without any wheels. When F-Zero debuted on the SNES it blew our minds. With its quasi-3D graphics it felt like a revolution in gameplay. It was as if we had gone from horse-and-buggy to hovercar. Though the differentiation between cars was for the most part completely visual, everyone seemed to want the Blue Racer when it was their turn at the controls. It not only carried the cover and looked the fastest, it felt the fastest. It is the only futuristic racer that Dr. Danger would pilot around Mute City."


Suggested By: austin webb, Photo Credit: Nintendo via WiiU Daily

3.) RWD P30 LMP1


This car from Project CARS is not only cool because it was designed by a member of the community but because it could exist to race in LMP1.

Suggested By: felixthegrumpycat, Photo Credit: Project CARS

2.) Nike One 2022


Hubless wheels? Yeah, hubless wheels.

Suggested By: Neon - Smart Aficionado, Photo Credit: Sony

1.) Warthog


This military vehicle from Halo has a 30mm chain gun, a gauss cannon, a rocket launcher, and most unbelievably a hydrogen fuel cell. The fuel cell alone makes this a vehicle that should be real

Suggested By: In a Mini; let them mock me as My Mini Countryman is higher than you, Photo Credit: Bungle Studios via Halo Nation


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Top Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz

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