Nico Rosberg Smacks Lewis Hamilton's Car And Now Everyone Is Pissed

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Today's Formula One Grand Prix of Belgium was fairly uneventful for most people, as these things go. Except for the Mercedes team, which right about now seems like they're ready to kill driver Nico Rosberg, for colliding with and ruining the race of teammate Lewis Hamilton.


Rosberg had started on the pole at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps, but got off to a pretty crappy start which saw him drop back to third. Desperate to claw his way back no matter who was in front of him, not even the guy on the same goddamn team, Rosberg tried to pull around for an outside pass on Hamilton on the second lap.

Rosberg, who is normally a good driver, instead clipped Hamilton's rear tire with the sharp endplate on his front wing, sending that bit flying, but also completely puncturing Hamilton's rubber.

Hamilton's race was ruined, and he was able to get out of the pits in 19th place, but he was eventually forced to retire with only five laps to go as his car became more and more impossible to drive.

Nico Rosberg, being Nico Rosberg, managed to finish in second place. And he seemed pretty happy about that.


Unfortunately, no one else on his team was, including his boss, Mercedes-Benz executive director for motorsport Toto Wolff:


But don't take it from Toto, take it from Mercedes F1 non-executive chairman and F1 legend Nikki Lauda, who placed the blame squarely on Nico:


And what made it even better was the hilarious booing of Rosberg as Eddie Jordan tried in vain to interview him.

But remember, it's not like all this asshattery emerged out of nowhere. The two have been dueling it out all season, and Hamilton's known to be extremely competitive as well, like at the Hungarian Grand Prix, where he refused to let Rosberg pass over the team radio:

And so, it continues. At least until one guy puts another completely into the wall.


UPDATE: For all those saying it was purely an accident, it looks like Rosberg just admitted some degree of intention:


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Gabor Vajda (@Gabor_V)

People with small minds talk about this accident as if Rosberg was trying to push Hamilton off-track as if it was some NASCAR race. In reality it was a plain racing accident as Rosberg became somewhat over-enthusiastic with his effort and Hamilton not taking this situation into consideration when going into that corner. It was a gentle touch by the wrong ends, nothing too special about the contact itself.

If it didn't happen on the 2nd lap, could have happened in the 10th, the 23rd, the 37th, hell, even on the last one, because these guys would be battling for positions as long as they could have.

...and Mercedes was stupid enough to splash heating oil on the fire telling the press it being 'unacceptable', however 'expectable' it was from day one.