Duplicitous Dealer Sold Hurricane Flooded Cars Without Telling Customers

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Hurricane Sandy was a huge burden to a number of states on the east coast, and the flooding that resulted in New Jersey was of epic proportions, ruining tons of cars. But one dealer didn't care, selling customers cars that were flooded in Sandy without even telling them.


The dealer, D&D Auto Sales in Manalapan, admitted to using fraudulent titles to sell flood damaged cars to unsuspecting customers. The dealer owner, Jonathan Olin, admitted to selling the cars and Jessie Dinome, an employee of the NJ DMV, admitted to creating fake clean titles for the vehicles.

Both have pleaded guilty and face between one and three years in jail. A salesman and a clerk at the dealer have also been charged.


The dealership purchased the eight vehicles at auction in 2013, vehicles that were listed as "parts only" by insurance and totally written off. The dealer and the DMV then worked together to get the false titles in place to sell them to unsuspecting customers, making a total of $86,000 off the sales.

The dealer's license has been suspended.

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My X-type is too a real Jaguar

While it is not perfect, I do believe a CarFax report would have picked up on this.