The Nissan GT-R Is Definitely The Rarest Vehicle At Any Car Show

Seeing a Nissan GT-R in person is a treat. Seeing at a local car show is, well, not. Not that there's anything wrong with bringing one, it just seems like at this point it's the thing you bring when you can't think of anything else. As noted Lamborghini enthusiast Rob Dahm points out.


Now I'll be the first to admit I'm not always the most original person. Going to some sort of party for some person I barely know and I have no idea what type of party it'll be or who else will be there?

Screw it, bottle of wine. Just like everyone else.

And there's nothing bad about a bottle of wine! Wine can be delicious, wine can be fun, wine can be good. But you're not the guy showing up to the party with a handle of Fireball Whiskey asking where the keg is at. You're just another guy, with his bottle of wine.

So let's say you can afford a Nissan GT-R, but you don't want to bring the standard choice. What do you bring to the car show, for about the same price?

Here's my suggestion. Get two Morgan Three Wheelers, and lash them together with a big leather belt to make a six-wheeled, two-engined monstrosity.


That way you'll be even better than the Fireball guy.

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