Is The Ferrari FF A Genuine Daily Driver?

When Ferrari launched the FF it caused a bit of a stir in the automotive world. It tipped many sacred cows, being an all-wheel-drive shooting brake designed for everyday usage, and frankly makes less sense as a Ferrari than anything they'd ever made before.

Many people wondered if the FF was actually any good at daily transportation being that Ferrari's are notoriously high strung, and thankfully Chris Harris actually bought one to find out. This car had quite a lot to live up to.

Surprisingly it all kind of works. Harris found the car to be imminently practical and comfortable, while still containing the essential Ferrari-ness that all cars from Maranello must have. You could have four people ride along comfortably, fit a mountain bike with the rear seats folded down and still have fun with that 660 hp front-mounted V12.


It's kind of my favorite modern Ferrari–I'd probably even have one over a 458.

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I find it interesting that Harris swapped out his FF for an RS6 Avant.

I'm not a big fan of Ferrari, but boy....I absolutely LOVE everything about the FF! What a fantastic car!!!!