Just FYI, Huffing Hairspray And Driving Counts As A DUI

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Oh, you crazy Michiganders! Is there nothing you can't think of to get your jollies? More insanity from the mitten state comes in the form of a woman arrested after getting high on cans of hairspray.


The 22-year-old driver was parked on the side of the road up in northern Michigan at 2:30 in the morning when police spotted her car with foggy windows. When they opened the door, according to MLive, they smelled nothing but hairspray. Lots and lots of hairspray.

Police found a receipt for eight cans of airspray and estimated she had inhaled about four cans. Per a local TV station:

Four and a half cans found empty, the Leelanau County Sheriff says they were likely inhaled, and they're lucky they found the woman when they did.

"Any inhalant is extremely dangerous. Easily can cause brain damage, but we're also talking about other potential damage too: your heart, your liver, your kidneys," said Chris Hindbaugh, Executive Director of Addiction Treatment Services. "It really restricts oxygen in the blood, so there's just so many systems that can fail. It's extremely dangerous."


The woman was charged with operating under the influence of drugs, chemical abuse and having a suspended license.

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