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​The V10-Powered Volvo Laughs At Your Puny V8 Swaps

Illustration for article titled ​The V10-Powered Volvo Laughs At Your Puny V8 Swaps

V8-powered Volvo 240s are as common as spray tans in Minnesota. Not that there's anything wrong with that (the swaps, not the tans). Hell, we built one and raced it. But one particular Scandinavian decided to take it to the next level with a V10 pulled from the last-gen BMW M5.


Speedhunters has a great profile of Jesper Andersson the man behind this track-focused 242 coupe. It's got the aforementioned 10-cylinder heart transplant (originally destined for an E46 project), a Getrag six-speed from an E39, a thoroughly worked-over suspension, and a set of Porsche 997 GT3 brakes that could slow the Earth's rotation.


But more amazing than the hardware is Andersson's attention to detail. It's ridiculously clean. Everything has been painstakingly worked, reworked, torn down, and rebuilt in a quest to think, uh, outside of the box.

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Nate with shorter name

I wish California's Luftverschmutzung Führer would allow gonzo engine swaps. So many great car bodies with anemic engines still strangled with piss poor smog controls.