Can A Heavy BMW M5 Be More Fun Than A Nissan GT-R?

If you want the ultimate super sedan, get yourself a BMW M5 with the Competition Pack. It will still come with digitally generated engine noises and eat the Nissan GT-R's dust, but is it more fun?

Comparing a Nissan GT-R to a BMW M5 is a bit unfair to be honest, but if you happen to have these two and an empty racing circuit in Wales, I guess you must give it a go. Having a professional racing driver also comes handy, as someone like Sebring 12hr winner Marino Franchitti will give you the sort of feedback only the most experienced can.


What's interesting is that although once again (and not surprisingly) the Nissan GT-R is the clear winner of the lap time challenge, the heavy super saloon seems to be the car you want to play with on a sunny afternoon thanks to its traction disadvantage and steering feel.

Also, with the Competition Pack, it's only slightly slower than the much more nimble new M4. That's quite something for a car weighting 4,288 lb, but the M4 is about to get faster too...

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