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The 24 Hours of LeMons is part motorsports, part theater. Nobody does the theater part better than Speedycop. You know, the guy who made the upside down Camaro. Well, here's a perfect Jurassic Park Explorer recreation from him. And it's going racing this weekend.

This is the first Explorer ever in LeMons, but not the first Jurassic Park recreation. Granted, this one is nearly perfect, and is a long and involved project. In talking to Jeff 'Speedycop' Bloch at the first AER race last weekend, he told me that this project started off seeming easy but then kind of went nuts.

The donor Explorer used to belong to Grassroots Motorsports, and Jeff bought it off them for cheap. It didn't have the same first gen front end and needed some work, so he ended up buying three Explorers to get it right. The nose from the first gen was put on the GRM Explorer, but it was not a bolt on job.


He says that it won't be fast at all, but he wanted to have the first Explorer in the series. Basically, it'll be lumbering around the track and hopefully not flipping over for the entire race.


Bloch has done a ton of work getting the scheme just right. It takes a lot of work for him to build a new car for every single LeMons race, but this is what he loves and what people want to see.

The Explorer will be running in the LeMons race this weekend at New Jersey Motorsports Park. Stop in and tell Speedycop that Jeff Goldblum sent you.