Watch This Lamborghini Race Car Completely Flip End Over Nasty End

While the Lamborghini Huracan may have just started to replace the Gallardo, the latter is still racing against Audi R8s, McLaren 12Cs, and Mercedes SLS's over in Europe. And when they crash, they do so spectacularly, in true Lamborghini fashion. Like when this Gallardo decided to do a huge mid-air cartwheel.


Tomas Enge's Reiter Engineering Lamborghini spun three times in the air after getting into a bit of a crash with a Mercedes SLS at theBlancpain Sprint Series qualifying race at the Slovakia Ring. And somehow Enge still managed to walk away like it was nothing.

I guess if you're going to race a bull, you're already well prepared when you're soaring through the sky.

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My third Viper Cup Race. One of the most shocking things I had ever seen anyone do. Best guess is the driver dropped his tires off the track just after the Carousel. Instead of letting off the throttle and coasting he thought he'd just hold the gas down and power through it. Destroyed my teammates car in the process, and nearly killed himself. 5:50 is where the footage is best seen.