As gearheads we all have that recurring fear when we hand our keys over to someone else. That fear that they will not respect our beloved chariot and may return it in less than ideal condition. For this Mustang owner who took his car in for service, that nightmare came true.


The video, posted by YouTube user MacAbuzer, provides the following description:

This is how a mechanic from Sawgrass Ford, Sunrise, FL. attempted to fix my car.

I had a small knock from the top of my engine, maybe carbon build up. The mechanic, instead of treating with chemicals(protocol), decided that it would be easier to run my car in first gear for 5 miles at redline. He discusses with another mechanic in the car how he would like to either fix it or blow it up. My expensive Shelby CS1 wheels were damaged along with the transmission during the time they had my car. There was rubber down the sides of my car and 80+ miles on my car from when the camera was shut off by the shop foreman.

I gave them 2 chances to repaint the wheels, until they had to replace them finally. They gave the car back to me with 3 new wheels and told me that they replaced 4, THEY LIED again. I spent much time trying for them to get my wheels balanced after that, and to top it off, now my transmission flare is considered normal to them, even though it was operating properly when I dropped it off, they refuse to fix it without an engine light code. My car is not shifting normally from 3rd to 4th gear now and sometimes loses the gear completely.

After over a month of time back and forth to the dealership, I have come to the conclusion that this will never get resolved and I am too scared and untrust worthy of this dealership to keep my car out of my site again.

I record in and out of my car at all times and my cameras are in clear site of view. The mechanics point out the camera and mention that it is possible that it is recording.

After all the issues I had with this dealership, the mechanic still has a job at this dealership servicing cars.

How I kept my cool, i do not know! My wheels have been replaced finally! They will not repair the transmission and I have the extended service plans.

What a shame!

The owner also provided the following on the forum

After over a month and a half, they have failed to fix the ongoing issues.

I initially told them I did not want my wheels repainted other than from the manufacturer(carol Shelby CS1 wheels), but I gave them the chance to do it. It came out badly. So the Service manager said he'll send them in again. They came out worse than before. So they agreed to finally buy new wheels from CS. Weeks pass and they pick a day to put them on, I leave with my car get home to examine them with a magnifying glass to find out they only replaced 3 of the 4 wheels. They lied to me again. Unbelievable. I had to go back and make them look like an ass AGAIN!

They couldn't get them balanced after a month of hassling so I finally had my guy balance them.

During this whole time, my transmission has a flare after the abuse of the mechanic and whoever else drove it. It has a hard clunk from 3rd - 4th gear that was not present prior to the visit. They considered it normal and have no fix for it they say. That they would need a light on in order to replace a module.

The tap on the engine is still audible at times. Mostly noticeable when going through a bank drive thru at 1k rpms.

I ended up replacing my rear end, LCAs, UCA, DS, mounts, relo brackets, and a gear change all to reduce vibrations and noises that ford could not remove. All out of my pocket of course. Funny thing is the car rode great before I handed my keys over to them. I am certain that the stress on the drivetrain caused the other issues.

It is much smoother now that I dropped more $$$ into it. Steeda does great work!

I called Ford corp today and was told all they can do is a negative feedback form. That I would possibly not receive a call back.

Disappointing, Ford lost a long term loyal customer that gave them annual business for the last 20 years.

I have a lawyer looking into this case.

(H/T to 04sneaky)

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