Of all the pointless new paint/new name special editions of the Veyron, only one really mattered: the 2011 L'Or Blanc. It was inlaid with porcelain, it cost $2.3 million, and it was a one-off, unique car. Until now.

It's hard to think that a special edition Veyron would go unnoticed. As Bugatti nears its production of the final car, it seems like every little change of paint is heavily advertised.


But this black and red car, done in what appears to be the exact same scheme as the gorgeous L'Or Blanc, has no pretty press pictures or official name. This car does not show up on any comprehensive lists of Bugatti special editions. The price, like everything else is unknown, though a regular Grand Sport Vitesse will run you at least $2.35 million. Google 'L'Or Rouge' and you see these exact same pictures and a few more of it in transit pop up, but that's it.

All we can tell for sure is it has the markings of a Vitesse model, with 1200 horsepower as opposed to the standard L'Or Blanc's thousand. Other than that, carspotters appear to be guessing with this Chinese garage car.


Autogespot claims that this car is a later Bugatti-made copy of the L'Or Blanc, only without the genuine porcelain made by Berlin-based Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur Berlin (KPM). They then admit, however, that they "don't find much information about this car," and don't know its name for certain. Bugatticars.over-blog.com also states that the car has no porcelain in it when they saw the car recently at California's Symbolic Motor Cars. CarNewsChina posted pictures from the same spotter as seen on Autogespot, all shot in the same Shanghai parking garage, but mentioned nothing about the porcelain.

It's also possible the custom design wasn't even done by Bugatti, as CarNewsChina supposes.

It is possible that Bugatti has commissioned it especially for a very wealthy Chinese client. It is also possible that this wealthy client had the job done himself in China. Chinese car buyers, of any kind, are perfectly able to do this sort of thing, to any kind of vehicle.


What we end up with a 1200 horsepower, multimillion Bugatti that nobody's ever seen before, that nobody knows the story behind, gathering dust in an underground parking garage. This thing doesn't even have license plates.

If you know anything more about this particular Veyron, let us know.


Photo Credits: Antoine Chalendard for CarNewsChina and Autogespot

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