Sabine Schmitz Decides Which 911 GT3 Is Better With A Drag Race

The Queen of the Nürburgring loves her personal Porsche 997 GT3 RS. But how does it stack up against the new 991 GT3? Only one way to find out: drag race.


(Well, there are several ways to find out, including all-out track battle. But we're going with drag race for this one.)


Sabine Schmitz, racer, 'Ring taxi driver and TV personality extraordinare, cheerfully describes her 997 GT3 RS as "my buddy" before listing the mods she's done to the car, including a racing suspension and PFC brakes. But she wants to know how it compares to the newer GT3, the one with the two red stripes if you need help telling them apart.

Much to Schmitz's chagrin, the 991 is clearly the faster car, but maybe that's not surprising because it has 24 more horsepower, and launch control, and a faster-shifting PDK transmission. It may also be heavier, but she says it feels like a real race car.

Her reaction when she drives the new one is priceless. I have a feeling she'll be in the market for a 991 soon. That depends on how the Nordschleife comparison test she alludes to at the end of the video goes, anyway.

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How Sabine doesn't have her own show is beyond me. It should be completely focused on The Ring. A different challenge each week. Similar to the TG Transit Van episode.