Smack-Talking 'Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz Takes On A Ferrari 458

What happens when two veteran Nürburgring pilots take to the track in two of the world's very best sports cars? If it's caught on video, it means plenty of sound and fury for us to enjoy.


In one corner, we have famed 'Ring Queen Sabine Schmitz, whom we at Jalopnik continue to want to marry, in a Porsche 911 GT3RS. In the other we have racing driver and fellow 'Ring instructor Ron Simons in a Ferrari 458 Italia.


Simons poo-poos the Porsche at first, but Sabine is quick with a witty rebuttal of her own, saying it's just "a Fiat driven with an old Dutchman behind the wheel." ZING!

As always, I won't spoil who wins, besides the fact that we all do because we're in for a hell of a show. And because this is Germany, these two pilots have drink afterward to do a post-mortem on their race.

It's probably not the drink that Simons wanted, though.

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So... who's driving the camera car then? I can't help but feel this is something of a put-on - if they can't pass the camera car, can they really race "for real"?