Cop Gets Into Impromptu Dance-Off, Loses Spectacularly, Makes Us Smile

You got served... a ticket for some out-of-control dance moves! That's a terrible joke, but a nice reminder that there are plenty of policemen and women who have good attitudes about interacting with the community. And sometimes just can't fight the urge to dance.


Cops deal with mean people and awful events as daily routine. When you see police in videos on the internet, it's usually related to something tragic or an abuse of power. So I'm happy to share a light-hearted moment of cops and citizens having a little fun together.

KVTC5 says this adorable dance-off went down on Sunday, in the city's East Patrol Division. KCPD shared it to their Facebook page and joked that they might start "offering dance lessons at the academy, because this officer could use them."


I mean, it's not the worst idea... isn't there a "policeman's ball" they have to go to?

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This is awesome! Love to see Police interact with the community in a positive way. In my neighborhood in Toronto there's a park where cops patrol regularly (close to a low income community), sometimes I see them playing Hockey (cause Canada) and basketball with the kids.

Once some bicycle cops were helping a kid fix the chain on his bike when they couldn't get it, they called a patrol car and took the bike to the station to get fixed and serviced and had it back in 15 min.