2015 Ford F-150 Special-Orders & Fleet Sales Won't Happen 'Til February

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Ford dealers are still expected to be stocked with 2015 F-150s by the end of this year, but a leaked letter from the company's brass reportedly states they won't be able to accommodate "build-your-own" special orders or fleet sales until a few months later.


Automotive News got a hold of a letter from Ford Distribution Planning Manager Kevin Giacomini and Allocation & Commodity Manager John Bradley to dealers saying:

"We understand the desire to get the customer units as quickly as possible, but do not want to compromise our commitment to quality for the sake of a few additional weeks of delivery."

A Ford rep elaborated to AN: "Customers are excited for the all-new F-150, which they will be able to buy and drive off dealer lots late this year. Those customers ordering specific configurations may not receive their truck until early 2015."

I'm sure plenty of customers will be able to find 2015 F-150s they like as soon as they hit lots, but if you've got to have a particular color palette or option combination you're just gonna have to go ahead and get in line.


Image: Ford

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