Nissan Xterra + Juke Nismo Mashup Looks Like A Street-Legal Lunar Rover

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Nissan has been posting wacky photo'chops of their vehicles "mashed together" to get people to share them, and while I recognize I'm playing right into their plan I must admit the 2014 Nissan Xterra with a Juke Nismo front clip looks a little bit awesome.

I mean, the rough angles of the Xterra windows definitely clash with the Juke's slinky bulbousness. But since they brought the rounded windshield over, the whole package is working for me. It looks like a vehicle you might have seen in one of the 90's Star Trek shows... maybe that's why I like it.


I don't think this is how the Xterra is going out (duh), but I do think the Xterra as we know it is not long for this world. So if you're trying to take advantage of the one of the last remaining affordable, off-roadable SUVs you should probably be probably get ready to buy one used.

Apparently Nissan's designers will draw any mashup you want while this weird little promo is going on. What other Nissans do you want to see ripped up and rehashed together?


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