Watch And Listen As The 2015 BMW M3 Goes Ballistic On Track

/DRIVE is doing this new thing where they'd like you to pay $3.99 a month for their videos. I'm about to tell you why you should. Or rather, Chris Harris is, with a video review of the 2015 BMW M3 that can't be missed.

The new M3 was met with a sizable amount of skepticism before drivers got behind the wheel. Maybe it's too computerized now, the critics said. Too turbocharged. Won't be as good as the V8.


But in this test on both road and track, Harris says it's a car that moves the M-game forward quite a bit. And he kind of makes me want one.

First, there's the steering. He likes it. Says it's not entirely full of feel, but it's better than the E92 M3's, which he said was rather artificial. Then there's the sound. Harris says it sounds like a diesel, like a "tuned-up 335d," but he learned to like it.

The engine? Nothing but love for that. Loads and loads of power and incredible responsiveness. And he says the chassis is highly impressive too. It's lively and relishes in being rear-wheel drive, getting as tail-happy as you ever want. On the road, it's good.

It does even better in the track test. Lots of sliding, lots of speed, lots of tire smoke. So much tire smoke. For me, this part makes /DRIVE+ worth it. Same with the new M3, I think.

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