Rally Fighter Looks Spectacular In Forza Horizon 2 Digital Debut

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After getting a pop-culture attention boost in Transformers 4: Optimus Prime Goes Back To College, the Local Motors Rally Fighter is getting its first appearance in a video game on Forza Horizon 2's increasingly awesome list of drivable cars.


The car was announced by way of releasing this image, which doesn't leave a lot to figure out. Between the Honda Civic taillights, older Civic door handles, Mitsubishi Eclipse fuel filler cap... and oh yeah, trademark off-road bullet-car shape, there's no mistaking the machine in this screenshot as Rally Fighter.

Local Motors' Kate Hartley told me:

"Obviously the awesomesness of the Rally Fighter cannot be contained in a video game, but if anyone can come close, it's Forza. We can't talk much about the game, but I've seen a sneak peek, and the Rally Fighter is perfect, RWD and all."


Here are some game developers taking pictures of the car, apparently they spend a lot of time with it.


It might not be quite as gloriously gut-wrenching to ride in on your TV as it is over real jumps, but some off-road performance is a welcome addition to the open-world racing game.

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