How A Small, Open-Source Automaker Got Their Car In Transformers 4

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Local Motors marketing guy Buddy Crisp pulled off a great get convincing Michael Bay and friends to put the Rally Fighter off-roader in Transformers 4: My Big Fat Robot Wedding Strikes Back. Here's what Crisp had to say about his car starring in the (second?) most successful film franchise based on a toy.

So how did the Rally Fighter end up in the new Transformers movie?

"Randy Peters does all the vehicle acquisition for Michael Bay productions. He was familiar with the Rally Fighter, thought it it would make a great addition to the cast, and after showing up and showing it off to both Randy and Michael... we were in!


Peters and a number of the stunt driving crew all got Rally Fighter rides leading up to the decision to cast the car in the film."

How'd the Rally Fighter go over on set?

"It was great. We filmed on location with the full cast - cars and people. Everyone - from the crew to Bay to Wahlberg couldn't get enough of the Rally Fighter. And even though it had somewhat cameo appearances in T4, it really did steal the show with the corn field chase scene being called out as the best in the film within hours of release!"

Will we see Local Motors vehicles in more movies?

"As for future big screen action - the Sangho Kim designed RF has a strong, powerful presence - even the Autobots thought it was pretty scary - so yes, we hope to see it as a major player in many upcoming films."


How many Rally Fighters are being used to shoot Transformers?

"In total, three Rally Fighters were on location for the 6 week shoot."

Are you donating the vehicles to the film in the spirit of exposure, or will the movie buy them from Local Motors?


"While the cars are still in the possession of the Studio, Local Motors still owns the Rally Fighter's used in the film. Product placement in television and films all works the same way - essentially. Specific details of the agreement between LM and Paramount are private."

What kind of increase in orders for the car after this movie comes out?


"We're less than a week since the film debuted - it's just too early to tell the impact our participation in the film will have on sales."

How are the movie cars set up? Anything different from what you sell to the customers?


"With the exception of a custom built light bar and front bumper, the [Rally Fighters are prepared as usual]."

Are you going to try and build some iteration of a "real" Rally Fighter transformer? ...that would be insane.


"No. Rally Fighter's are pretty insane already!"

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