The early 1970s were a glorious time for muscle cars. Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Plymouth, even the forgotten AMC all jumped into the game. But few muscle cars were as sinister as the Challenger, as even cops with speech impediments knew.


Now, granted, this completely incomprehensible lawman is probably just doing what cops tend to do when faced with a fast car they've never seen before – ogling over it like any other grown-up kid:

"Vailashun sitee awduh elebben dach fawtee operating a raysin-type veehickle dats stray libahtee," he says, and we all know exactly what he means, especially with that last bit.


But the Challenger R/T did have that 375-horse V8 as an option, and purple paint isn't normally a feature of the realm of the sane. So who knows how the Hellcat will be received.

Also, those hood pins are the greatest thing ever, and every car should have them straight from the manufacturer. I think that's something all of humanity can agree on, and is probably in the UN Charter somewhere if we look hard enough.

On the other hand, the cop does threaten to arrest this poor, well-meaning young man for "sassing a law officer."


Maybe this traffic stop was in Virginia.

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