A new start-up airline has launched service between Newark and Paris. The airline, LaCompagnie (The Company) describes itself as a "boutique airline, created for business travelers" with an aim toward democratizing trans-Atlantic Business Class travel.


Their fleet (if you can call one plane a fleet) consists of a Boeing 757-200, formerly flown by Icelandair. It is fit with 74 seats which recline into beds. The seats also have built-in massagers. For entertainment, Samsung tablets loaded with music, films and e-books are loaned to each passenger. The plane is also equipped with WiFi, for passengers to work or browse the web.

Photo of a meal served on LaCompagnie

Company Founder Franz Yvelin said:

"It is time to bring business-class air service back to where it belongs where personalized service is offered at respectable fares. With French style and American dependability, La Compagnie will become the choice of the current generation of hard-working business travelers who demand something more from air transportation."


This seems like a hell of a deal for a couple to travel from New York to Paris: barely two thousand bucks for two round trip tickets! And that includes all of the taxes and stuff. Subtracting the taxes, that's only $408.50 per person, each way. In BUSINESS CLASS! That's an incredible value, folks. One writer from Boarding Area bit the bullet and flew LaCompagnie to see what they're all about. You should read his review here, because it's pretty comical. It's very clear that LaCompagnie doesn't compete on the same level of an international carrier like Air France, British Airways or Lufthansa. But at $1,000 per person, who would expect them to?


LaCompagnie flight crew

Their business model and current pricing has them only bringing in $30,000 of revenue per flight, assuming every seat is sold. That will not sustain the airline. However, LaCompagnie says they have plans to add a second 757 this December. To survive, they'll have to raise fares, which will make them less attractive to customers. There are a lot of airline critics that don't expect LaCompagnie to last very long.


Photos by LaCompagnie

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